Forum for searching partners in cross border cooperation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

Directorate of European Integrations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and regional development agencies «Nerda» form Tuzla town and «Serda» form Sarajevo, organized on December 23rd 2008, in the Hotel «Drina» in Bijeljina, first Forum for searching partners in the scope of Cross border cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

RDA Zlatibor organized mutual departure and appearance of the Zlatibor District municipalities attending the Seminar. That provided greater attendance of all stakeholders and unique appearance of Zlatibor District municipalities.

The aim of the Forum was to provide direct contacts between potential partners and to present organizations/institutions and project ideas of Cross border cooperation programme, which will be implemented in the scope of IPA II Programme. Representatives of 3 Administrative Districts from Serbia, Zlatiborski, Moravicki and Kolubarski, as well as representatives of the municipalities form Bosnia and Herzegovina, legitimate to apply for EU funds, were attending the Forum.

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