Seminar in Glasgow: „Making markets work“

RDA „Zlatibor“  representetives attended seminar „Making markets work“ which was conducted in Glasgow from 18.07 – 30.07. 2010. in organization of Springfield Centre, Durham, Great Britan. Representetives of our organization also this year have opportunity to attend seminar which purpose is to familiarize participants with M4P methodology (Making Markets Work for the Poor).

This methodology was developed with support of SDC(Swis Agency for Development and Cooperation) and DFID(Department for Internacional Development) and it is a result  of obtained long work expirience on development programs in different countries around the world, with purpose of designing sustainable model for market functioning in under-developed countries.Seminar attended 66 participant from 20 countries. Among them, were representetives of internacional donor organization, representetives of certain goverments and organizations which implement different development programs in their countries.

M4P methodology is based on analysing and understanding different aspects of market, with regard to enviroment in which market functioning, which is baseline for defining appropriate strategies of interevention to achive changes which will make market more functional and sustainable in longer time period.Participation of RDA representetives was very important for expending existing and gaining new knowledge about this metodology, beacuse the project Private Sector Development in Southwest Serbia which we implement, have to use  this methodology.

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