Non-financial support to SMEs development in Serbia

The aim of the project: Support to sustainable economic development of Zlatibor region through enforcement of the entrepreneurship development

Project location: Zlatibor Region

Project results:
Regional Centre for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and entrepreneurship “Zlatibor”, ltd (hereinafter RC) was founded within the Project of the European Agency for reconstruction „Non-financial support to SMEs development in Serbia“. RC is qualified to provide services of business information and consulting, training and business linking to potential and existing entrepreneurs.  From its founding until today, RC Zlatibor held: 218 consulting, training, seminars, promotions, workshops and similar activities, with 2745 participants, who have attended them.RC established the network of the local service providers, experts from the areas- starting up and organizing of own businesses and trainings (economists, engineers and lawyers).The total number of the service providers was 44.

The role of the Agency in Project implementation: Project beneficiary

Project's costs: € 107.186

Donor: European Union

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