Schools waste less

The aim of the project: To contribute to maintaining the high quality of the border area environment by cooperating in joint initiatives. Project contributes to environmental protection and decreasing amount of deposit waste through establishing the concept of primary waste selection in 28 schools in Užice and Tuzla.

Project location: City of Tuzla (Bosnia&Herzegovina) and City of Užice (Serbia)


Serbia Project results:

•    Technical framework for primary waste selection created in 28 schools in Uzice and Tuzla;
•    Technical and human capacities of 2 Public Utility Companies for collecting, transport and primary waste selection increased;
•    112 employees in 28 schools prepared for primary waste selection management and support in schools;
•    Primary waste selection concept implemented and promoted in schools in Uzice and Tuzla;
•    Local and wider communities introduced with examples of good practice in primary waste selection in schools.

The role of the Agency in Project implementation: RDA is a partner

Project's costs: 313,469 €

Donor: The European Union

Project duration: February 2013 - May 2014

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