Textile recycling to sustainable solutions

Project Title: Textile recycling to sustainable solutions

Programme: Cross-border cooperation Serbia-Montenegro

The aim of the project: Contribution to creating conditions for employing the vulnerable groups in Serbia and Montenegro through increasing their competitiveness by establishing the system of collecting, processing and distributing the recycled textile.

Project results:
-    Conducted pre-selection of candidates for trainings in Užice and Nikšić
-    Raised capacities of both associations for entering the recycled textile market
-    Established infrastructural and technical preconditions for primary textile selection and production of recycled textile products in two associations (Citizens association “SOS” from Nikšić and


Citizens association” Women`s Center” from Užice)
-    40 women from Užice and Nikšić trained for production of the recycled textile items
-    Local community introduced to textile recycling as one of the efficient ways of social employment, ecology and sustainable development

Donor: The European Union, CBC Programme Serbia-Montenegro

The role of the Agency in Project implementation
: RDA is a partner

Project costs
: 172,511 EUR

Duration: April 2014 – June 2015

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