Implemented Projects

Public and civil sector, together in the sustainable usage of energy resources

The aim of the project: Contribution to improving local community capacities, especially to motivate grater participation of civil society of Southwestern Serbia in decision-making and implementation processes in sectors of energy and environmental protection and also inclusion and inclusive management based on stakeholders consensus.

Project location: Southwestern Serbia municipalities: Arilje, Bajina Bašta, Prijepolje, Ivanjica and Kraljevo


Sustainble Tourism for Equal Chances - STEC

The aim of the project: To contribute to the strengthening of cross-border collaboration in tourism destination and product development, resulting in increased competitiveness for the region in the nature based and cultural tourism sectors.

Project location: Montenegro, Serbia, Northeast Montenegro, Southwest Serbia, Berane, Prijepolje


Business zone Kolovrat

The aim of the project: To contribute to the creation of new employment opportunities and to safeguard existing employment in Polimlje sub-region.

Project location: Polimlje sub region - Municipalities of Prijepolje


Raspberry from Arilje “Ariljska malina”

The aim of the project: To increase competitiveness of SMEs active in the production and processing of raspberries in Western Serbia.

Project location:
Zlatibor and Moravica district, Municipalities Arilje, Pozega, Ivanjica and Lucani


Supporting SMEs and tourist associations in the Municipality of Prijepolje

The aim of the project: Capacity building of existing tourist associations and SME’s in municipality of Prijepolje

Project location: municipality of Prijepolje


Foundation of the agricultural innovation centre in the Municipality of Arilje

The aim of the project: Improvement of rural development through scientific approach to agricultural

Project location: Municipality of Arilje


Organization and implementation of workshops for promoting self-employment in tourism in 8 municipalities

The aim of the project: Unemployment reduction through the identification and selection of primary self-employment ideas in tourism sector

Project location: Municipality of Uzice


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