Implemented Projects

Regional value chain in IMC territory

Program: Sustainable local development project

Donor: USAID

Project title: IMC territory regional value chain


Increasing competitiveness of SMEs and enhancement of cross border links in metal industry - EUMETAL2

The aim of the project: The overall objective is to improve SMEs development in metal processing sector in border area in order to improve their competitiveness. Specific objective: support provided to 20 SMEs selected in the metal sector in the project area to develop their export potential.

Project location: Sarajevo Macro Region (B&H) and Zlatibor District (Serbia)


CROSS SPA (Development and Promotion of Health and SPA tourism in Cross-border Area of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia)

The aim of the project: The overall objective of the project is enhancing regional cooperation and sustainable economic development of border areas (B&H-Serbia) through the establishment of integrated joint tourist offer of health tourism.

Specific objectives of the action are:
•    development and placement of a new joint health tourism product – integrated inified tourist offer of health tourism cross-border region
•    increasing the capacity of offer of healthcare tourism in cross-border region through expansion of assortment of tourism products in the segment that promote healthy living and responsibility for own health.

Project location: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo Macroregion: Olovo, Fojnica and Sarajevo), Serbia (Western Serbia Touristic Region)


Schools waste less

The aim of the project: To contribute to maintaining the high quality of the border area environment by cooperating in joint initiatives. Project contributes to environmental protection and decreasing amount of deposit waste through establishing the concept of primary waste selection in 28 schools in Užice and Tuzla.

Project location: City of Tuzla (Bosnia&Herzegovina) and City of Užice (Serbia)


Agriculture Forecast-Reporting System (AFRS) in the Cross-border Region

The aim of the project: Overall objective: to improve the competitiveness of stakeholders in agriculture sector in project area in using land as economic, rural and environmental resource. Specific objective: establishment of the innovative concept of integrated agriculture production based on IT forecasting and reporting between agriculture extension service providers and production sector in project area.

Project location: Serbian municipalities: Užice, Požega, Kosjerić, Bajina Bašta, Nova Varoš, Čajetina, Prijepolje and Priboj. B&H municipalities: Goražde, Olovo, Vogošća, Pale-Prača, Ilijaš, Ilidža, Foča Ustikolina and Fojnica.


Preparation of the Strategic and Operational Marketing Plan for the part of South West Serbia tourism cluster

The aim of the project: Contribution to the balanced socio-economic development of Southwest Serbia. Specific objective: South West Serbia region is highly competitive national and international tourism destination, attractive for direct investment

Project location: Zlatiborski and Moravički District


Public advocacy campaigns of civil society organization for sustainable using of natural recourses in Southwest Serbia

The aim of the project:
The overall objective is to contribute to the promotion of civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey to implement public advocacy campaigns with focus in the natural resources and energy.
Specific objective is improved capacities of CSOs of Southwest Serbia in advocacy and planning, decision making, implementation and control of activities that have an impact on the environment of rivers Great Rzav and Lim and other potentially affected areas.

Project location
: Southwest Serbia (Zlatibor Region)


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