First guests of Western Serbia mini rural camps

Since recently, Zlatibor County is enriched with a camp named Viljamovka, placed in the heart of Kremna village, not far from regional road that connects Uzice and Mokra Gora. Situated in native rural area, on the sunny village glade, the camp is prepared to host tourists from all over the world. Just a few days after the opening, it hosted first visitors. Campers from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and USA had an opportunity to enjoy hospitality of Serbian householder, tasting traditional Western Serbia food and drinks: traditional ham, cheese, kajmak sour and unforgettable brandy Viljamovka.

The camp owner, Mr. Ljubisa Carevic expressed a great satisfaction with success achieved in camp’s first working days. The greatest success is enjoyment the guests expressed regarding the quality of services and the opportunities which camp and its surrounding offer to lovers of this type of tourism.

The camp Viljamovka is the first rural camp in Western Serbia, established with support of RDA Zlatibor. It is expected that camp in Gostilje, which is under construction, will achieve the same results.

Within the activities of increasing capacities of rural service providers in tourism industry, RDA Zlatibor in partnership with Camping Association of Serbia started with developing Camping as integrated rural tourism product of Western Serbia.  Camping is chosen as the first integrated rural tourism product in accordance with potentials of tourism based on activities and development of Promotion plan of tourism based on activities. Since investments in accommodation are high and householders are not able to finance it, camping is recognized as a niche. Each camp will contain info desk with promo material of tourist region of Western Serbia and traditional product from area. Based on all lessons learned and experience gathered during pilot activities, participants from pilot stage will design the guide for potential members of network.

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