Promotional conference of the project „Arilje raspberry“

The promotional conference of the project „Arilje raspberry“ was held in Arilje on Wednesday, 24th August 2011. Guests of the conference were Jim Herne, deputi director of the USAID Agribusiness Project,  Slaveko Djokic, Grants Coordinator, USAID Agribusiness Project, the QMS managers, owners of the refrigerator, representatives of the Agricultural extension services and the media.

In the introduction, conference guests were welcomed by Mrs. Mirjana Avakumovic, president of Arilje municipality, Mr. Branislav Raketic, Adviser at the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Foresty and Water Management and Mr. Slavko Lukic, Director of the Regional Development Agency „Zlatibor“.

During the conference, two presentations were held. Dragan Milosavljevic, project manager, presented the basic elements of the project, objectives, results and activities, during the first presentation „Project Arilje raspberry“. The second presentation „The promotional of geographical indications of agricultural product“ written by Giovanni Galanti Bioagricoop, held Nikola Damljanovic, representative of NGO Bioagricoop of Bologna, Italy.

Biljana Jovanovic, director of Company Flora of Ivanjica, shared her experiences and expectations with the audience. This company is one of twenty who are in the process of GLOBAL GAP standardization.

The project „Arilje raspberry“ is funded by European Union, within Regional Socio-Economic Development Programme 2. Project partners are municipalities of Arilje, Lucani, Ivanjica and Pozega, Regional Development Agency „Zlatibor“ Uzice, Innovation Center for Agriculture Arilje, General Association of Enterpreneurs Arilje and Bioagicoop Bologna, Italy.

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