Why hotel tables lack with tradiotional products?

On august 28th 2011, within the Zlatar cheese festival 2011, which has been traditionally organised in Bozetici village (Nova Varos municipality), round table: Traditional products on the tables of hotels was held. Round table, which was organised by RDA Zlatibor within the implementation of Private sector development programme in SW Serbia, was realised with the representatives of producers and hotels.

According to the producers and hoteliers, the presence of traditional products in tourism offer is far from enough. Tourism without traditional products looses a possibility to be nationally and internationally recognised and to fulfil the foreign tourists'/visitors' expectations. Tourism is a mechanism for traditional products to be exported (secret export) and to support local production and generate employment.


Hoteliers and producers emphasise that attributes such as traditional and local are not sufficient for a product to be included into a hotel’s menu. There are preconditions such as the certification of quality, continuity of supply, prise competitiveness and the tourists’ demand for these products to be in a tourism market.

The main problem is the lack of certified producers which is, on one side, caused by unresolved legal framework regulating traditional production, and on the other, by legal obligation of HACCP standard implementation which limits the supply of traditional products from individual producers. The problems are, also, the variations in the quality and prise so as in inordinate supply. Hoteliers and producers recognise building of strong links among them as a mechanism for market valorisation of traditional products using hotel menus as the channels for jointed promotion and distribution of traditional products.

Round table resulted with numerous information of significant importance for creating and implementing further PSD activities in facilitating the process of meat and dairy sector revival and development.

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